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  • Version: 0.96.1
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    Welcome to the home of Dark Signs, the first advanced console based hacking game!
    Simply, Dark Signs is a game which simulates a network environment.
    It allows you to play as a computer systems hacker or cracker.
    Dark Signs has many advanced features.




    These files are currently available for download.

    File Link Size
    Dark Signs 0.96.1 Download (EXE) 16.6 MB
    Dark Signs 0.91 Download (EXE) 20.6 MB

    Get the DarkSigns Music here

    DarkSigns Mission Editor 0.70[sp2] Download - [Updated!] (exe)
    Update Patch (exe)
    DarkSigns Module Edtor 1.0.3 Download (zip) 197KB
    DarkSigns Menu Designer Download (exe) 72KB
    Visual Basic 6 Runtime Files (SP 5) Download (exe) 1 MB

















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