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  • Welcome to the home of Dark Signs, the first advanced console based hacking game!
    Dark Signs is a game which simulates a network environment.

    It allows you to play as a computer systems hacker or cracker, while including a unique scripting language allowing players to take complete control of the console, automate complex tasks, retrieve or write information, hack and crack targats, and more.


    13.01.20 by: xmakina
    Topic: Website Restoration

    Nothing big to announce.

    Terminal Zero was selling the domain, and DarkSigns had a huge impact on me as a teenager, it was responsible for confirming to me that I wanted to write software as a career.

    When I saw the domain was for sale I couldn't stand the idea of some domain squatter using it so I purchased the domain myself and have restored the old site using content found on archive.org. Every page except downloads links to archive.org. I've also restored the link to my old OmniSoft website, which had been preserved on geocities.ws.

    The downloads page contains the last two major releases, 0.96.1 and 0.91. Both have their quirks so I thought I'd offer them both up.

    I hope you're all doing well and you remember DarkSigns as fondly as I do.

    20.07.06 by: Sayyan Kotor
    Topic: New Hotfix

    A new hotfix has been released; this hotfix fixes the ZRIO.ORG server. Allowing players to connect to port 45.

    This hotfix will not need to be downloaded if you download the main installer from now, as both installers have also been update to reflect this fix.

    07.07.06 by: Sayyan Kotor
    Topic: 0.96.1 Is Here!

    Finally, the long awaited sequel to 0.96 has arrived. 0.96.1 has endevoured to fix all known bugs, as well as cleaning up the game in a large way.

    The game is still in it's beta period, but we welcome everyone to come and play!

    04.07.06 by: Sayyan Kotor
    Topic: 0.96.1 Release

    Version 0.96.1 of Dark Signs will be released to the public in several days.

    We will be aiming for a release by Friday at the latest and the new version is looking excellent. The only major changes have been bug fixes and aesthetics, and unfortunately, no new features will be present for the time being. A list of bug fixes can be found on our bug tracker, and more may be added to the list before release, so keep on checking back!

    I had to put the fan kit on the back burner while I concentrated more on other things, but I am currently working on the information and documents for it. All documents will be available in PDF file, for reading with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    01.07.06 by: Sayyan Kotor
    Topic: Mega Score Magazine!

    Myself and Terminal have recently been contacted by the Portuguese game magazine Mega Score, about possible inclusion of Dark Signs in its August edition.

    This is fantastic news for Dark Signs as the magazine receives a large player base and should boost our community.

    Because of this we are hammering away with releasing the relatively bug free 0.96.1, where you will experience a much nicer playing environment than 0.96, devoid of the layout bugs that plagued that release.

    19.05.06 by: Kai
    Topic: 0.96 Beta Release

    The 0.96 Beta Release is now public and has been added to the downloads page.

    Please read the 0.96 Release thread.

    Thanks for your cooperation,
    Lead Programmer,
    Vectra Media.

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